Power Book IV: Force Premiere Recap: Welcome to Chicago, Tommy Egan (2023)

Tommy Egan is a dead man — and that’s a big part of the fun at the start of Power‘s latest spinoff,Book IV: Force, which premiered Sunday on Starz.

Fans of the originalPower know that Ghost’s former business partner/best friend left New York in that series’ finale. In a brief appearance inBook II: Ghost‘s finale, the character faked his death and set out for a new life — likely of crime — in California.

And at the start ofForce‘s premiere, the unencumbered drug kingpin is, indeed, on his way to the Sunshine State. But when a brief side trip to Chicago turns into a much longer visit… welcome to your new city, Tommy!

In a moment, we’ll want to hear what you thought of the premiere. But first, let’s recap what took place in Episode 1.

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PIT STOP | As Tommy’s driving to the West Coast, flashes of his life in New York flit through his mind. They torture him. He turns off his headlights and pushes the gas pedal to the floor, courting danger on the curvy road. When he nearly swerves off the road, he stops, screams and pulls himself together. Then he puts the car back on the road and takes the turnoff for Chicago.

As we infer from a photo Tommy’s carrying with him, he spent time in Illinois when he was a little boy. Through a funny interaction with a guy who tries to intimidate Egan with a knife — good luck, dude — Tommy learns that an old woman he thought was dead is now living at a retirement home. So he goes there, sees a woman with a vacant look getting wheeled around, and skedaddles quickly.

Power Book IV: Force Premiere Recap: Welcome to Chicago, Tommy Egan (3)He makes his way to a bar called Dr. Parker’s Office, even though it’s only 11 am, and flirts with the female bartender, whose name is Gloria. “Some days, you just need a whiskey before noon,” he says, promising to come back later to try some of the excellent-smelling food she’s got simmering in the kitchen.

DIAMOND GETS OUT | Elsewhere, a prison barber named Diamond wraps up his sentence and is released. The guards love him so much, they chip in to buy him a set of haircutting tools so he can get started with his new career. Outside, his brother Jenard is very happy to see him — but neither of them are aware that another inmate is planning to go after Diamond after he gets comfortable with his return to life outside the prison’s walls.

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TOMMY MAKES FRIENDS | Tommy is smoking outside Dr. Parker’s Office later that day when two guys give him trouble about moving his car. Words are exchanged. We learn that one of the hotheads is Victor Flynn, son of local crimelord Walter Flynn (played bySons of Anarchy‘s Tommy Flanagan). And Victor used to date Gloria, though that seems to be on ice now — her choice, not his. After Victor leaves, his thug Simon stays behind, gets rough with a female patron and is generally an aggressively coked-up mess. Tommy sees all, and when Simon goes out to the alley, Tommy does what Tommy does to guys like him. Gloria comes outside, sees what’s happened and does not seem terribly shocked or upset. A few minutes later, she and Tommy are getting to know each other in the naked way in her bed upstairs.

“I haven’t had fun like that in a minute,” he tells her after, just before noticing some dogtags in her apartment. Her husband was deployed but “never came back,” she tells him; they weren’t married long before it happened. But that’s about as much pillow talk as we’re going to get, because Tommy has Simon’s phone and decides that he’s going to go to the meet that Simon was supposed to attend with Vic.

Once there, Tommy strong-arms Vic into introducing him to his connect. But Jenard — who’s from a rival drug ring — also is there for a meet with the connect. And the connect’s representatives are two strung-out young guys who demand money. Something’s clearly amiss, and when the shooting starts, Tommy kills the tweakers and manages the situation. But he’s got a fee, so he takes Vic’s money and a bag full of product.

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I’m going to shorthand this whole situation now, cool? Jenard’s brother, Diamond, was the head of a gang called the CBI. And they routinely go up against the Flynn family’s organization, which also includes Vic’s sister, Claudia. Claudia, by the way, really wants a bigger role in the family business… but her dad doesn’t think that’s a great idea. His hesitance doesn’t stop her from trying a designer drug at a club, having hella high sex with the woman who gave it to her, then asking where she can get some more. Hmm, I smell a new business plan afoot…

BROTHER FROM THE SAME MOTHER | The next day, Tommy revisits the retirement home and finds the old woman in the greenhouse. He calls her “Nana” and tells her he hasn’t seen her since he was 4, because “my mother told me you was dead.” She doesn’t react to him until he shows her the photo. “Tommy!” she says, smiling, but then kinda checks out again. As Tommy leaves, a man follows him and asks why he was visiting the woman, whose name is Miriam. They ascertain that they’reboth her grandsons, and Kate is their mom.

Tommy and his newly revealed half-brother, whose name is JP, figure out what’s what. He was raised by his father, who told him that his mother was dead. “You got out ahead on this deal, trust me,” Tommy tells him about Kate. JP gives Tommy his number before Tommy leaves; though Tommy later throws it away at a gas station, he immediately fishes it out of the wastebasket, cursing himself as he does so.

Power Book IV: Force Premiere Recap: Welcome to Chicago, Tommy Egan (4)‘I’M DONE KILLING PEOPLE’ | Elsewhere, Jenard proudly brings Diamond to the barber shop where their dad used to cut hair and announces that he bought the place so Diamond can have a business that’s on the up-and-up. Diamond says that’s good, especially because after his 15-year sentence, “I’m done killing people.”

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Later, though, a police officer walks into the shop, acts menacing but covers it with a smile, and makes sure that Diamond sees his badge before he leaves. This can’t be good.

Power Book IV: Force Premiere Recap: Welcome to Chicago, Tommy Egan (5)U-TURN| Tommy is back on the road to California when he’s suddenly surrounded by a bunch of SUVs: Flynn’s people. They stop him cold and make him drive to Flynn’s estate, where the patriarch introduces himself and Claudia watches from the terrace. “There hasn’t been this much heat since Mrs. O’Leary’s cow kicked over that lantern,” Flynn quips. “Mrs. who?” Tommy asks, annoyed. There’s a lot of macho posturing, but eventually Tommy tosses the bag of stolen drugs at him, and Flynn orders him to leave the city.

You just know that doesn’t sit well with Egan. So when he gets a call from his California hook-up, he informs the guy that he’s staying put and not working for anyone. Then Tommy swings his car around and drives back into Chicago.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the premiere? Grade it via the poll below, then hit the comments!

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Who is Tommy in Chicago Power? ›

Joseph Sikora

Who is the old lady Tommy went to see? ›

As Tommy leaves, a man follows him and asks why he was visiting the woman, whose name is Miriam. They ascertain that they're both her grandsons, and Kate is their mom. Tommy and his newly revealed half-brother, whose name is JP, figure out what's what.

Is there a Power spin-off with Tommy? ›

The spin-off from Courtney A Kemp's hugely popular Power franchise focuses on Tommy Egan (Ozark star Joseph Sikora), the former criminal partner of James St Patrick, who in the first season was seen setting about building a new criminal enterprise in Chicago.

What happened in the first episode of Power? ›

During a church service discussing Eve and original sin, a foreign voice inside Allie's head speaks to her, motivating her to fight back against her sinister parents, who abuse her. Allie feels her new power growing within and finally speaks out after six months of silence.

Why did Tommy go to Chicago? ›

With his sights set on Los Angeles, Tommy's dropping by Chicago on the way, in hopes of healing an old wound that's been haunting him for decades.

Who is Tommy's mom Power? ›

Kate Egan is a major character in the Power Universe, serving as a supporting character in Power, a minor character in Power Book II: Ghost and a major character in Power Book IV: Force. She is the mother of Tommy Egan and JP Gibbs. She is also the adoptive mother of James St. Patrick.

Who is the girl with the scar on Power force? ›

Season 1. One day, she is attacked by Pink Sneakers and nearly gets killed, leaving with a big scar on her cheek. Liliana ends up in the hospital and because of the scar, the two send Julio to fire her.

Who is Miriam to Tommy in Power? ›

She was Tommy and JP's grandmother, as well as great-grandmother of D-Mac.

Who did Tommy see at the nursing home? ›

Tommy goes back to the nursing home and visits with Miriam, who we find out is his grandmother.

Who kills Tommy on Power? ›

The final moments of the episode show Jenard burning the same black SUV, proving that it was most likely him who fired at Tommy. It appears that Jenard tried to kill Tommy as revenge for his best friend Elijah, played by Jeremih, dying during a mission to kill members of the Serbian Mafia.

Is Kanan Tariq's father? ›

Power is set to return for its fifth season on July 1 and many fans are still reeling from Raina's sudden death in season four. James “Ghost” St.

Who kills Kanan? ›

In his final moments, he locked eyes with Hera -- his blindness vanishing and his sight restored so that he could see her one last time. As the three took off, Kanan allowed the explosion to overtake him, killing himself in the process. His death wasn't in the heat of battle or something that took him by surprise.

Who did Tariq lose his virginity to in power? ›

compares his love scenes on “Power Book II: Ghost” with Bollywood movies when it comes to preserving his character Tariq's virginity. “The funny thing is, Tariq — he has done it. It just wasn't shown; it was either Season 4 or 5, with Ray Ray's niece, Destiny. That's when Tariq supposedly lost his innocence.

How old is Ghost in Power Season 1? ›

“Ghost and Tommy are 10 years old at the start of this series. There is no conversation we need to have about them right now, because they are children in the fifth grade.

Who killed Lauren in power? ›

Lauren Baldwin is a major character in the Power Universe, serving as a major character in Power Book II: Ghost. She was a freshman at Stansfield University until he was kidnapped and seemingly killed by Effie Morales, However she was later revealed to be alive and currently in hiding.

Why does Tommy move his cigarette on his lips? ›

Cillian Murphy, who plays Tommy, was asked about this very topic during an interview with BBC Radio One. The actor explained: "That comes from the fact that the cigarettes, we cut the filter off or do we leave the filter on I cannot recall, but anyway if you don't rub them across your lips initially, they will stick.

Why did Tommy turn in his family? ›

Tommy, for all intents and purposes, betrayed his family at the end of series three. Unbeknownst to his family it was more of a tactical move for Tommy that needed to happen as part of his master plan. They're all dealing with it in their own way and the family is all split up when we start the series.

Why did Tommy dump the morphine? ›

After Thomas is allowed to return home, he soon dumps the morphine he's been prescribed down the sink, because it gives him bizarre dreams about his elderly housekeeper.

Who is the twins father in Power? ›

She was the daughter of James and Tasha St. Patrick and the twin sister of Tariq St. Patrick. Raina appeared as a central character from season 1-3 and one of the protagonists and a deuteragonist to Tariq in season 4 and a posthumous protagonist in season 5-6.

Who is Tommy's half brother? ›

JP Gibbs is a major character in the Power Universe, serving as a mentioned character in Power Book II: Ghost and the deuteragonist in Power Book IV: Force. He is the half-brother of the protagonist Tommy Egan and his world is thrown off its axis when he crosses paths with Tommy.

Is Teresi really Tommy's father? ›

In season four, Tommy got a big surprise when he found out that his father wasn't dead but locked up in prison. It turns out that Tommy's father was Tony Teresi (William Sadler), a mob kingpin who was serving hard time for his past dirty deeds.

Why did Tommy want Liliana dead? ›

Tommy wanted her dead at the time as she was a liability but Ghost decided against murdering her and instead set Liliana free.

Who is Diamond's girlfriend in Power force? ›

Adrianne is a recurring character in Power Book IV: Force. she is a journalist and the love interest for Diamond.

Who sliced Liliana's face in Power? ›

In season one of Power, Liliana was a former drug “runner” girl for Tommy and Ghost. Kanan had her cut in the face, and Tommy wanted her dead.

Who hit Tommy with the bat? ›

Tommy Lasorda, usually in the center of things, got thwacked on the left hip by Vladimir Guerrero's bat barrel, tumbling back as fans gasped and then laughed when they realized he was OK. National League third base coach Tommy Lasorda falls to the ground after being hit by a broken bat.

Who put the tracker on Tommy's car in Power? ›

In the season 4 finale, Saxe and his boss Tameika Washington talked about putting a tracker on Tommy Egan's car to bust him, and that he has witness name Maria Suarez who can identified Ghost. Saxe learns from Maria, that James is the notorious drug dealer named Ghost.

Why did Tasha go to jail? ›

She revealed Quinton gave Tasha up after providing an alibi by going to a diner. Tasha was arrested for the crime of the murder that she didn't commit. As she is taken away, she tells her pleading son to live his life and go to school.

What does Tommy say to Ruby's coffin? ›

Gold doesn't work, that was the last message that Ruby taught us,” Tommy says enigmatically at her funeral. Before her Gypsy caravan is set ablaze in the same fashion as Polly's four episodes ago, Tommy and his wife Lizzie look at her one last time.

What did Tommy whisper to Duke? ›

That suggests that Tommy's handing on a mixture of "you're up, kidda" business stuff and straightforward "I'm gonna die, kidda" stuff. Certainly, that's what the direction and editing hints at. We see young Charles, buttoned up in his grey coat, looking distinctly miffed.

What medical condition does Tommy have? ›

Duke isn't the only surprise Tommy receives in 'Sapphire'. Following the X-Rays he was forced to take at the sanatorium where Ruby was treated and died, Tommy also gets a diagnosis. His lungs are clear of tuberculosis, but he has developed a tuberculoma.

Who killed Greg Knox? ›

Greg tries to talk him down, using Mike's daughter to stop him from shooting. Though hesitant, Mike fatally shoots Greg when he tries to grab the gun. Mike then plants his phone in Greg's apartment, framing him as the mole, and removing heat from himself. Angela is devastated by Greg's death.

Who has Tariq killed? ›

Tariq St. Patrick killed the Russian drug connect after Brayden Weston failed to get the job done. Although Tariq once stated that he doesn't want to be a killer, he realizes that some folks have to die to spare his life.

Where did Tommy go after Ghost died? ›

While the actual finale found Tommy distraught over Ghost's death, he didn't meet the same fate, instead opting to leave New York behind and head to Los Angeles for a fresh start. The fan-favorite is now set to be featured in Power Book IV: Force.

Who is Kanan biological father? ›

Power Book III: Raising Kanan

Kanan came from a family of gangsters led by his mother Raquel. It was assumed that Kanan's father was Def Con Stark, a notorious gangster. However, his biological father is Malcolm Howard who was unaware of this.

Did Kanan mention his mom in Power? ›

She was also mentioned in Power Season 2. Raq is Kanan's mother. To him, she may be loving, but in the streets, she is a cold, hard, and fierce woman taking names in a man's world.

How is Kanan related to Ghost? ›

Kanan was the rival and former friend of Ghost, the main character of the original Power series.

Was Hera pregnant when Kanan died? ›

The short answer: Most likely on Lothal, during Flight of the Defender. The long answer: Based on what I see throughout the series, there's no clear evidence that Hera is pregnant before their return to Lothal, although they have had a sexual relationship for many years.

How did Kanan go blind? ›

After being sucker-sabered in the eyes, Kanan finds himself blinded by Maul, who had been posing as... something of an ally up to that point. Often in literature, blindness is physical in name only.

Is Tariq Ghost son in power? ›

Tariq is the son of James "Ghost" St. Patrick, the former protagonist of the original Power series. As a college student, Tariq tries to juggle his academic responsibilities while also being the head of his family.

Does Tariq get Laila pregnant? ›

Laila is pregnant with Tariq's child, and she requests a speedy wedding in hopes that Rasheed will not realize he could not have fathered the child. Laila gives birth to a daughter, which displeases Rasheed greatly. Mariam's initial reaction to Laila is harsh.

Did Diana and Tariq sleep together? ›

They have sex under two conditions: Diana is sure about the choice, and Monet can never find out. While Tariq is sexing Diana, her brother is out hiding in the back of his attorney's car.

What did Ghost leave Tommy in the envelope? ›

Ghost left him an envelope with keys in it. They were to a garage that had a fully restored purple 1969 Mustang. Tommy makes a stop at Elisa Marie's. They have an honest talk about loneliness and letting go.

Who is the oldest Ghost on Ghosts? ›

Appears in. All episodes. Robin, real name Rogh, is a caveman and the oldest ghost at Button House. He is portrayed by Laurence Rickard, who also plays Humphrey's Head.

Who is Ghost father on Power? ›

In Power Book II: Ghost, Tariq St. Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr.) has tried to do everything in his power to separate himself from his father, James “Ghost” St. Patrick's (Omari Hardwick) legacy. However, as the seasons have pressed forward, the college student/drug dealer has only become increasingly similar to Ghost.

Who killed Joey in Power? ›

The most recent episode, titled 'King's Gambit', saw Joe Proctor – played by Jerry Ferrara – shot and killed by Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora).

Does Monet find out who killed Zeke? ›

After hearing from Tariq, Monet goes to visit Cane (Woody McClain). She asks him who told him that IG killed Zeke. He reluctantly tells her that it was Lorenzo.

Is Lauren from Power pregnant? ›

"No, I'm not pregnant," the actress tweeted yesterday.

Who is Tommy from Power brother? ›

JP Gibbs is a major character in the Power Universe, serving as a mentioned character in Power Book II: Ghost and the deuteragonist in Power Book IV: Force. He is the half-brother of the protagonist Tommy Egan and his world is thrown off its axis when he crosses paths with Tommy.

What happened to Power with Tommy? ›

That's what I thought should happen." While the actual finale found Tommy distraught over Ghost's death, he didn't meet the same fate, instead opting to leave New York behind and head to Los Angeles for a fresh start. The fan-favorite is now set to be featured in Power Book IV: Force.

Who knocked Tommy out Power? ›

Later, Tommy finds his surrogate nephew and fills him in on what happened after Tasha knocked him out during their standoff at the house. Tommy says he and Tasha “hashed it out,” and a flashback shows us how the two ended the beef that started when she killed his fiancée, LaKeisha, during Power's sixth season.

Who is the white guy Tommy from Power? ›

Joseph Sikora(I)

Joseph Sikora was born and raised in the city of Chicago on the far northwest side. He studied acting at the Piven Theatre Workshop in Evanton, Illinois and also at Columbia College, Chicago where he received his B.A. degree in Theatre.

Who is Tommy on Raising Kanan? ›

Series Information

Marvin Thomas is a main character on the Starz original crime drama Power Book III: Raising Kanan. He is portrayed by London Brown. Marvin is Lou-Lou and Raq's older brother, also the father of Jukebox and uncle to Kanan.

Who is older Tommy or his brother in Power? ›

In the Power spin-off, protagonist Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora) finds out he has an older, long-lost brother in Fleming's JP Gibbs. In an exclusive chat with Digital Spy, Fleming explained he and Sikora have known each other for decades before getting to play brothers.

How are Tommy and his brother related? ›

It turns out that Tommy and JP are half-brothers who share the same mother, Katherine. She left JP and his father and relocated elsewhere to continue her life raising Tommy. JP asks Tommy for more about Katherine, but Tommy says she's dead to him and tells JP that he's better off enjoying life without her in it.

Who killed Kanan on Power? ›

Jukebox askes Kanan what happened to him since he lied the first time. It was later after Jukebox found out from her girlfriend Candie that Ghost was the one who burned him alive.

Who kills Ghost on Power? ›

Season 1. Tariq appeared in a flashback of the first episode. He is the unseen overarching antagonist of Power Book IV: Force as he killed Ghost and betrayed Tommy and made him leave New York. It was Tariq's betrayal that led him not to trust everyone in Chicago.

How did Ghost betray Tommy? ›

Tommy shooting Angela

After all, Ghost was the one who had betrayed him by tricking him into killing his father. Still, the bonds of friendship between Tommy and Ghost are long and strong, so even though he had Ghost in his sights, it was Angela who took the bullet.

How many kills does Tommy have in power? ›

Tommy Egan

Much like James St Patrick, he has murdered at least one person in every series, bringing his death count up to 29. As Courtney Kemp says the Power series takes place over just five months, this is an extraordinary amount of murders.

Who killed Father Callahan on power? ›

Tommy later meets up with Callahan and tells him Dre ordered Julio to die. Callahan meets with Dre and tells him he wants to leave his organization. Callahan tells Dre he knows he set up Julio to die and wants nothing to do with Dre. Dre stabs Callahan in the chest after Callahan tells him this.

What happened on Ghost season finale? ›

That aspect unfolded on two fronts in the season finale, which saw Isaac (Brandon Scott Jones), who was closeted when the series began, take the leap of proposing to his boyfriend Nigel (John Hartman); and Alberta (Danielle Pinnock) deal with her feelings of betrayal regarding Hetty (Rebecca Wisocky), who had hid the ...

Does Tommy Egan go to jail? ›

Tommy was sent to prison in the middle of season two, accused of drug crimes related to 'Ghost'.

What happened to Holly in Power? ›

After Tommy reveals James saved him from the Koreans, she became upset and revealed that she hired the assassins after James and Tariq. They get into a fight and she is strangled to death by Tommy in a fit of rage. Ghost arrived to find a crying Tommy over her dead body. Tommy and Ghost buries her body near a dock.

Is Tommy Italian Power? ›

Tommy is the Caucasian American in the criminal organization, he is a major drug trafficker with his business partner and best friend James "Ghost" St. Patrick, they own a nightclub called Truth.


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