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Ring Protect Plans | Home Security and Video Monitoring Service (1)

Protect your everyday.

Get even more out of all your devices with Ring Protect, a comprehensive subscription service that lets you review, share, and save every video and photo captured by your Ring device and opt-in to 24/7 Alarm Professional Monitoring.1
No long-term commitments. Cancel for any reason.

Choose a subscription that’s right for you.

Ring Protect Plans | Home Security and Video Monitoring Service (2)

Video recording for one Ring doorbell or home camera. Activate digital features, including notifications and in-app arming/disarming, for your Ring Alarm system.

$3.99/month or $39.99/year
Save $7.89 with annual purchase.
Ring Protect Plans | Home Security and Video Monitoring Service (3)

Video recording for all Ring doorbells and home cameras at one location. Activate digital features, including notifications and in-app arming/disarming, for your Ring Alarm system.

$10/month or $100/year
Save $20 with annual purchase.
Ring Protect Plans | Home Security and Video Monitoring Service (4)

The ultimate Ring home security subscription. Unlock additional benefits for all your compatible home devices and enroll in 24/7 Alarm professional monitoring1 for Ring Alarm for one location.

Starting at $20/month or $200/year
Save $40 with annual purchase.

Review our Protect plans.





Basic: Covers one home cam or doorbell.

Plus: Covers all home cams and doorbells at one location.

Pro: Covers Ring Alarm pro monitoring and all home cams and doorbells at one location.




Video History for up to 180 Days2

Never miss a moment. Access recorded videos of every motion and Live View event for your home's Ring devices, for up to 180 days

Video Saving and Sharing2

Download and save your Ring videos on a mobile device or computer to watch them for later or share them with anyone.

Snapshot Capture3

See what’s happening in between motion-activated events with recurring photo snapshots taken throughout the day.

Person Alerts

Enable to get a notification only when your device spots a person.

(Video) Ring Devices Without A Subscription: What Still Works (Hint: Not Much)

Rich Notifications

See exactly what triggered an alert with a photo preview right in the notification without opening the Ring App.

Camera Home and Away Modes (Ring doorbells and home cameras).*

Set your Ring doorbells and home cameras to Home or Away Mode and customize settings to specify whether Live View and recording is turned on or off in certain Modes, all from the Ring App.

Arm and Disarm your Ring Alarm Digitally*

Easily change Alarm Modes to Arm and Disarm your entire Ring Alarm home security system, from the Ring App or via a compatible Alexa-enabled device.

Create home security automations with Alarm*

Link Ring doorbells and home cameras and compatible smart locks to your Ring Alarm to customize different automations —such as having Ring home cameras record when your Ring Alarm is triggered.

Alarm Notifications*

Stay in the know on your Ring Alarm’s activity with real-time notifications from the Ring App or email.

Alarm Event History*

Never miss a thing. With 60 days of Alarm history, you can scroll back to see past notifications and updates from your Alarm system in the Ring app.

(Video) Ring Virtual Security Guard | Live Motion Event Monitoring by Rapid Response | Ring

10% off Select Products at Ring.com and Amazon.com4

Receive 10% off select products at Ring.com and Amazon.com. Terms and conditions apply.

Download up to 50 Videos At Once

When logged in at Ring.com, you can easily select up to 50 videos to download from the cloud, all at the same time.

Extended Warranties for All Devices5

Extend the warranty on all your Ring devices at one address.

24/7 Alarm Professional Monitoring1

Request dispatch of real-time emergency responders when break-ins or any other security threat is detected by your Ring Alarm.

Alarm Cellular Backup6

If your home loses internet connection, alarm cellular backup keeps your Ring Alarm system connected and able to send alarm signals.

24/7 Backup Internet with Optional Extra Data with your Ring Alarm Pro device7

3GB of data included every month to keep devices on your wifi network online in the event of an internet outage. Option to use as much data as you need with Extra Data for $3/GB.

Digital Security with eero Secure with your Ring Alarm Pro device8

Help protect your online activity, block ads for faster load times, and apply content filters with eero Secure.

Ring Edge9 with Local Video Storage with your Ring Alarm Pro device

Your videos and Smart Alerts are processed locally and stored directly on a microSD card inserted into your Ring Alarm Pro, both sold separately.

(Video) Ring Home Security System Review | 4 Must-Know Facts About Ring Alarm

Save up to $100 per Year or More on Your Home Insurance10

Ask your home insurance provider about discounts when you enroll in professional monitoring for Ring Alarm, which is included with Ring Protect Pro.

*Ring Alarm and all Ring Alarm accessories require a subscription for digital notifications, in-app features, digital arming/disarming, and integration with other Ring, Echo, and third party products. Subscription sold separately.

No long-term commitments. Cancel for any reason.

Ring Protect Plans | Home Security and Video Monitoring Service (5)

Learn more about Ring Protect Plans.

Don’t miss a thing.

Ring Protect Plans | Home Security and Video Monitoring Service (6)

Video History

Scroll through your timeline to view the moments you missed throughout the day. All of your events are recorded for up to 180 days so you can review them at your convenience.2

Ring Protect Plans | Home Security and Video Monitoring Service (7)

Video Saving and Sharing

Record all your moments to save them for later and share them with anyone. From surprise encounters to family memories – the video is right there in your app.2

Ring Protect Plans | Home Security and Video Monitoring Service (8)

Custom Alerts

Tailor your alerts to get fewer interruptions. With Rich Notifications and Person Alerts, see at a glance who’s at your door.

Ring Protect Pro

The ultimate Ring home security subscription.

Unlock additional benefits for all your compatible home devices and enroll in 24/7 Alarm Professional Monitoring1 for one location.

Includes everything you need to keep your connected home protected and online around the clock — all starting at $20/month or $200/year per location and no long-term commitments.

Video History, Saving, and Sharing2

Recordings from all home devices at one location can be stored in the cloud for up to 180 days, so you can watch, share or download them anytime.

24/7 Professional Monitoring1

Enroll in 24/7 professional monitoring, and we’ll request emergency police, fire, or medical dispatch when your Ring Alarm is triggered.1

24/7 Backup Internet7

Get a backup connection to help keep you and your connected devices online even if your primary internet goes out. 3GB of data included per month.

eero Secure8

(Video) Ring Alarm Home Security System (4K) Full Setup & Installation

Help keep your data, devices, and network protected from online threats with advanced online security from eero. Learn more at eero.com/eero-secure.

Ring Protect Plans | Home Security and Video Monitoring Service (9)

Real stories with Protect.

“After a break-in, I was able to take clips from the Ring videos to email the district attorney, and he recommended the burglar not be granted bail.”

Reno, NV

“My daughter decided to go outside without telling my wife. When I got home from work I looked at the video, and my wife and I were in shock. Anything could have happened to her and I am very happy that we were able to find this out.”

Hernandez Family
Gardner, KS

"Three people went around our neighborhood and tried to get into several houses and broke into several people’s cars. We sent the video to the police and they are using it as evidence in charging the suspects.”

Ankeny, IA

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for a Ring Protect Plan?

After you set up your Ring device (camera or doorbell) then you are eligible to purchase a Ring Protect Plan. Before you set up a device, you can review what plan would work best for you. A trial of Ring Protect starts immediately when your device is set up unless you have an existing Ring Protect subscription at your location. This way you can use the benefits while you decide what plan is best for you. For Protect Plus, all home doorbells and cameras at one location for one user account are covered.

I am having trouble subscribing? What do I do?

We are here to help! First make sure you have set up a device at your location. If you were not the person that set up the device and you are a shared user on the account, please ask the device owner to login to their account on Ring.com to subscribe.
Learn More

Is a Ring Protect Plan required to use my Ring products?

No. Your Ring products provide certain features (instant alerts, Live View, Two-Way Talk, and so on) without any subscription. Ring Protect Plans simply offer additional features for those who want them.

Can I try Ring Protect before I subscribe?

Yes. A 30-day trial of Ring Protect begins when you first set up your Ring doorbell, camera or Ring Alarm Kit in the Ring app. Some retailers may offer special promotions with different trial periods. If you’re a current Ring Protect subscriber activating a device at an existing subscribed location, you are not eligible for a Ring Protect Trial.

What happens when I add a new Ring device?

With Ring Protect Plus or Pro, all Ring home cameras and doorbells at one address are covered automatically. If you're currently using Ring Protect Basic and want to add more home devices at the same address, you can upgrade to Ring Protect Plus or Pro to cover unlimited Ring home cameras and doorbells, or sign up for a second Basic plan to cover one additional Ring home camera or doorbell.

I have a Ring Alarm system. Which Ring Protect Plan is best for me?

We recommend subscribing to Ring Protect Pro, as it provides professional monitoring for your Ring Alarm plus 24/7 Backup Internet for Ring Alarm Pro. Click here to learn more.

I have Ring products at more than one address. Does one Ring Protect Plus or Ring Protect Pro subscription cover them all?

No. You’ll need to subscribe to a separate Ring Protect plan for each address you want to cover.

Can I use multiple phones or tablets with my Ring products without Ring Protect?

Yes. Every Ring product can be monitored and managed by an unlimited number of mobile phones, tablets, and PCs.

Which forms of payment are accepted for Ring Protect Subscriptions?

Ring only accepts digital credit or debit card payments and any other payment methods offered through our website ring.com. We do not accept any payments in the form of cash, check, or money order. Any such payments sent to our address will be returned to you, and you will be instructed to subscribe and pay for Ring Protect online. Payments that are mailed to Ring may cause a lapse in your Protect Plan coverage. If you do not subscribe and pay for a Protect Plan online within your 30-day trial period, or prior to the expiration of your existing subscription plan, you will lose your stored video recordings and they will not be retrievable.

I am a Protect Plus or Protect Pro subscriber, how do I redeem my discount?

Simply log in to your Ring account and add eligible Ring products to your cart. The discount will automatically be applied to your order total. Terms and conditions apply.

What are the terms to the 10% discount4?

Receive 10% off select products at Ring.com and Amazon.com. Terms and conditions apply.

Is there a free trial for Ring Protect Plan?

Yes! Your free trial subscription begins as soon as you activate your new Ring product. Some retailers may offer special promotions with different trial periods. If you’re a current Ring Protect subscriber activating a device at an existing subscribed location, you are not eligible for a Ring Protect Trial.

How long do my videos stay in my Ring account?

Your Ring videos are stored in the cloud for up to 180 days1.Manage your video storage time through the Control Center.

1A compatible Ring Protect subscription is required to enroll in the Ring Alarm professional monitoring service. Professional monitoring service is available only within the U.S. (all 50 states, but not U.S. territories) and in Canada (excluding Quebec). Ring does not own its own professional monitoring center. Smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring is not available for a business or commercially zoned address. See Ring alarm licenses at: ring.com/licenses. Additional permit or false alarm fees may apply depending on your local jurisdiction. Additional charges may apply in areas that require permits or guard response service for alarm verification.If you are interested in learning more about Alarm Professional Monitoring in Canada please learn more about your Protect Plans here.

2Your Ring videos in the cloud are stored temporarily, up to 180 days. Changing your video storage time will only affect videos that are recorded after you adjust your storage time setting. Snapshot Capture photos in the cloud are stored up to 7 days.

3Ring takes recurring photo snapshots throughout the day, so you can see what is happening between motion-activated events (videos) in your Event History Timeline. These photos are stored in your account for up to 7 days. To keep important photos beyond 7 days, download them to your PC or mobile device.

4Terms and conditions apply. See terms and conditions for more information. Amazon discount requires linking your Ring and Amazon account.

5For extended warranty coverage, "Eligible Ring Devices" are Ring devices covered by an active Protect Plus/Pro Plan, if the Ring device was under the 1-year manufacturer’s warranty period at the time you added the device to your Protect Plus/Pro Plan. Non-Ring and other third-party devices are not eligible for the extended warranty. In the U.S., in lieu of the Ring extended warranty, Eligible Ring Devices are covered via a service contract administered by SquareTrade, an Allstate company; SquareTrade/Allstate terms are available here. The cost for the Allstate Protection Plan is included in the cost of the Ring Protect Plan. You may purchase a standalone Allstate Plan by going to www.amazon.com and searching for an Allstate Plan.

6A compatible Ring Protect subscription required, sold separately. Alarm Cellular Backup uses a third-party carrier. Coverage will vary.

7Extra data charges may apply. Cellular data is provided by a third party carrier. Coverage, uptime, technology, and speeds will vary. May require backup power if the power goes out. Visit ring.com/alarm-pro for more details.

8Advanced online security features are available to US customers with eero Secure, which is included with a Ring Protect Pro subscription.

9Ring Alarm Pro, a microSD card, and a Ring Protect subscription, all sold separately, are required to use Ring Edge features. For more information, visit ring.com/alarm-pro.
Ring Edge is currently not available for Ring Video Doorbell 4, Floodlight Cam Wired Pro, Ring Video Doorbell (1st Gen), or Stick Up Cam (1st Gen). Ring Edge live view and stored videos will be initially available only in the Ring App and not on ring.com.

10Actual savings vary depending on insurance carrier and policy. Potential savings based on average US home insurance premium of $1200 and at least 9% discount for alarm professional monitoring.

Ring Protect

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What are the cons of Ring security system? ›

Pros & Cons of Ring Home Security
✔ Low prices✘ No glass break sensors
✔ No contract required✘ Connectivity issues
✔ Wide variety of cameras✘ Bulky door contact sensors
✔ Smart home integration
1 more row
Mar 30, 2023

Can I use Ring without a subscription? ›

Do you need a subscription to use Ring? Ring devices don't require a Ring Protect subscription plan. Without a subscription, you can view real-time video for Ring doorbells and security cameras as events happen. However, without a Ring Protect plan, you won't get video recordings of those events.

Why not to use Ring as security? ›

All Electronic Devices Can Be Hacked

While Ring has since taken steps to increase security, this incident highlights the importance of being vigilant about the security of all your devices. Your Ring Doorbell can be hacked and used to spy on you or your family if you don't take the necessary precautions.

Can you have Ring security system without monitoring? ›

No. If you have not signed up for a Ring Protect subscription, your Ring Alarm System will still monitor your home. However, some features like push notifications and digital arming and disarming via the Ring app will require a Ring Protect subscription1.

Can Ring systems be hacked? ›

Without the proper security measures in place, Ring cameras can be hacked. A general rule of thumb when it comes to device security: if it can connect to the internet, it can be hacked. A Ring doorbell hack or exploit, when found by a hacker, will typically be shared online with other cybercriminals.

Is Ring bad for privacy? ›

But Ring cameras specifically have a bad track record of security vulnerabilities and privacy concerns that can potentially cause issues for both Ring device owners and the communities they live in.

How can I record my Ring without paying? ›

How to Save Ring Doorbell Videos Without Subscription Sign-Up
  1. Use the 30-Day Free Trial. ...
  2. Use Your Phone's Built-In Screen-Recording. ...
  3. Record Ring Doorbell Footage for Free on Your Laptop or Desktop.
Mar 14, 2023

How can I record my Ring camera without subscription? ›

The best way to record Ring Doorbell videos without a subscription or free trial is to use screen recording software. While you won't be able to save multiple videos at once, you can keep the screen recording running while you view multiple videos in the Ring app, which will save them as one long video.

What is the minimum Ring subscription? ›

Ring's monthly subscription plans are among the most affordable that we've ever seen. Ring Protect Basic costs $3 a month or $30 a year, Plus costs $10 per month or $100 a year, and Pro costs $20 a month or $200 a year.

Can my neighbors hack my Ring camera? ›

But it's important to remember, just like any other device connected to the internet, Ring devices can be hacked if you don't use proper security measures.

Does Ring stop burglars? ›

One of the best ways to deter burglars is with motion-activated lighting/camera combos. Ring offers affordable and highly effective options in their Spotlight Cam and Floodlight Cam. Other security cameras with built-in LED lights include Arlo and Nest Cam. The point is to expose the criminals in action.

Can someone disable my Ring camera? ›

Only the owner of a Ring device can deactivate it. You won't be able to control or change any of the device settings after your device is deactivated. Your videos are stored in the cloud only with a Ring Protect Plan, and the storage time may vary based on your Video Storage Time settings.

Can someone access my Ring camera? ›

Ring cameras can be a great safety tool, but the device can be manipulated by criminals if you don't take precautions. Thieves can gain access to your security cameras and even make false police reports.

Does Ring have listening devices? ›

The Listener2 itself is not a smoke or a CO alarm. It's a listening device that works in tandem with a smoke/CO alarm. The listener is mounted next to the alarm and listens for the sound of an alarm siren, at which point it instructs the Ring Alarm system to inform you that there's an alert at your home.

Does Ring only record when motion is detected? ›

Currently, Ring cameras only record when motion is detected in a pre-determined zone or when someone rings the doorbell of your house. The design increases the safety and efficiency of the system as a whole.

Does the blue light on Ring camera mean someone is watching? ›

You're correct that the blue light will turn on when motion is detected or when a Live View is activated. Additionally, you may see the blue light come on when Snapshots are taken using the Snapshot Capture feature.

Is Ring spying on customers? ›

The FTC also said Ring gave employees unrestricted access to customers' sensitive video data said “as a result of this dangerously overbroad access and lax attitude toward privacy and security, employees and third-party contractors were able to view, download and transfer customers' sensitive video data for their own ...

How do hackers get into Ring cameras? ›

Hackers most commonly gain access to ring cameras when passwords are cracked or when they have your email and password from another online account that has been compromised. If someone gains access to your Ring account, they may get access to your personal info and to your camera's features.

What is the court case about the Ring doorbell? ›

A judge has ruled that security cameras and a Ring doorbell installed in a house in Oxfordshire "unjustifiably invaded" the privacy of a neighbour. Dr Mary Fairhurst claimed that the devices installed on the house of neighbour Jon Woodard broke data laws and contributed to harassment.

Can you hear conversations through Ring? ›

Can a Ring Doorbell hear conversations? Yes, it can but only to a certain distance. Some Ring Doorbells can capture audio up to 3 feet.

Can police recover deleted Ring videos? ›

Many people ask whether the police have the credentials to recover deleted videos. Unfortunately, police also can't retrieve the deleted Ring videos. Since the Ring company doesn't come up with any recovery service for customers, even police having the warrant to access the videos won't be able to retrieve them.

How long do Ring cameras keep footage? ›

This means that a video can remain in your account for up to 180 days – or as little as one day – from the initial recording date. The default video storage time is 60 days (in the US). You can manually adjust your storage time from one day to 180 days in the Ring app or on Ring.com.

Why does Ring not record everything? ›

The most common cause for your Ring device missing video is a poor Wi-Fi connection. You also need to make sure that you have a Ring Protect subscription and you've got the proper settings for your Ring's motion detection.

Do I need to pay for ring video recording? ›

Without a subscription, you don't keep recordings from Ring cameras or doorbells. To keep video recordings (for up to 180 days in the US), subscribe to a Ring Protect plan. Is Ring professionally monitored? You can opt-in to professional monitoring with a Ring Protect Pro plan.

How long does Ring camera save video without subscription? ›

How long are Ring videos saved without a subscription? Answer: Videos will be deleted after the 30-day trial period unless you currently have a Ring Protect plan in place.

How much is Ring subscription per month? ›

The ultimate Ring home security subscription.

Includes everything you need to keep your connected home protected and online around the clock — all starting at $20/month or $200/year per location and no long-term commitments.

Is the Ring free on Amazon? ›

The full first season of The Rig is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video now. If you are an Amazon Prime member you can go watch all six episodes right now for free.

Is Ring owned by Amazon? ›

The company was first founded in the Fall of 2013 by Jamie Siminoff as the crowdfunded startup Doorbot; it was renamed Ring in the Fall of 2014, after which it began to receive equity investments. It was acquired by Amazon in 2018 for over $1.2 billion.

How many Ring cameras can I have on one subscription? ›

How many Ring cameras can you have? Ring user accounts support an unlimited number of Ring cameras with or without a subscription.

How thieves disable Ring cameras? ›

Since the doorbell uploads the video in real time to the internet, if your wifi is compromised during the robbery, the Ring devices cannot communicate with you and they can't properly upload the video.

Can Ring employees see your videos? ›

Ring security cameras gave every employee 'full access' to all customer video for years: FTC. At least one employee viewed 'thousands' of video recordings 'belonging to at least 81 unique female users. '

How do I block my neighbor's Ring camera? ›

Another good way to blind your neighbor's security cameras is to plant a grouping of shrubs or grown trees that are tall enough to block off where the camera is aimed. Also, you can close the curtain or shade on the window to block security cameras.

Can the police see your Ring doorbell? ›

Yes. No matter who makes your security camera or video doorbell—whether it's Ring, Google Nest, Arlo, etc. —the police can still knock on your door and ask for footage.

Do thieves steal Ring doorbell? ›

Can a Ring Doorbell Be Stolen? Yes, people out here are trying to get their hands on this bad boy. The Ring Doorbell camera is a smart home device, making it an ideal target for theft. You can't trust thieves, so you must take security measures to ensure your doorbell camera is secure.

How long does Ring security last? ›

The battery should last six to twelve months and should take five to ten hours to recharge, depending of course on usage. Or, if you want to be as environmentally friendly as possible, you can use solar power with your Ring Stick Up Cam Battery.

Can my neighbors hear me on their Ring doorbell? ›

Ring cameras, especially the Video Doorbell cameras, are designed so that the conversations held within close proximity of the cameras and their microphones, such as with delivery personnel or other visitors, are heard clearly.

How can you tell if your security camera has been hacked? ›

There are several signs that may indicate that someone hacked your security or camera. These signs include unexpected camera movements, increased data usage, unrecognized logins, and more. Vulnerable security systems and hacked IP cameras can reveal sensitive information about you and your family.

How do I make my Ring private? ›

Setting up a Privacy Zone
  1. Open the Ring app.
  2. Tap the menu (☰) then Devices.
  3. Select desired device.
  4. Tap Device Settings.
  5. Tap Privacy Settings.
  6. Tap Add Privacy Zones.
  7. Tap plus (+) to create a new zone, and drag the box to cover the area you want kept private.
  8. Tap Save. You've now successfully set up a Privacy Zone.

What is Ring swatting? ›

Two U.S. men have been charged with hacking into the Ring home security cameras of a dozen random people and then “swatting” them — falsely reporting a violent incident at the target's address to trick local police into responding with force.

Does Ring camera contact police? ›

Does Ring Alarm call the police? If you signed up for the Ring Protect Plus plan, which includes 24/7 professional monitoring, then yes, Ring Alarm can call the police for you in the event of an emergency. However, with the Ring Protect Basic plan or no plan, Ring will not call the police for you.

Does Ring record audio in the house? ›

Ring Indoor Cam is a smaller next-generation security camera specifically designed to be used indoors to bolster the security around your home. The Ring Indoor Cam features 1080p full HD resolution, two-way audio, HD video recording, and a wide viewing angle.

Can anyone see your Ring doorbell? ›

Camera Access with Ring Alarm

If Ring cameras, doorbells, and Ring Alarm are present at a Location, all Shared Users can access all the cameras and doorbells there by default. This is, however, at the Owner's discretion. An Owner can limit any Shared or Guest User's access to cameras and doorbells at their Location.

How far does Ring detect motion? ›

How far out does motion detection go? Motion detection on video doorbells can detect motion up to 30 feet from the camera. For enhanced motion detection, make sure you have the latest version of the Ring app downloaded on your iOS or Android.

Why does my Ring detect motion but no video? ›

Common causes of video not connecting to your Ring device

The most common causes of not being able to do a Live View or see a recorded video are: A poor connection between your mobile device and the internet. Slow internet upload and download speeds. A poor connection between your Ring device and your router.

Do Ring cameras record cars driving by? ›

In a nutshell – yes. As long as the passing cars are within range of your camera's view, as well as their motion sensors, Ring cameras and doorbells will detect vehicles passing.

Does Ring cause wifi issues? ›

The symptoms described sound similar to that of bandwidth, streaming, or processing many connections. Ring Video Doorbells operate on common wifi radio frequencies and do not emit any signal or make network requests that would interfere with a network or be any different from another streaming device in your home.

Is a Ring camera worth it? ›

We're big fans of Ring's no-frills DIY installation and the reasonable and competitive pricing of their cameras, and we also appreciate the quality of their equipment — some models offer night vision, advanced motion detection, and record everything in 1080p resolution.

Does Ring monitoring call the police? ›

When you trigger SOS in the Ring app, we send a signal to request police, fire, or medical response3 to your address on the account. The monitoring center will call your first emergency contact. If no one answers, the monitoring center will request police, fire dispatch or medical response depending on your selection.

Does Ring need strong wifi? ›

As a general rule, most Ring devices function best when upload and download speeds are around 2 Mbps or greater. If your speeds are much slower than that, you might try moving your router closer to your Ring device or (if necessary) calling your internet service provider to discuss getting faster internet speeds.

How far can Ring be from router? ›

Typically, we would recommend that your Ring Camera be no more than about 20 to 25 feet from your wireless router. Any farther than that and you're likely to see performance concerns. For more information on wifi, check out this Help Center article.

How long does Ring work without wifi? ›

Yes, Ring Alarm's base station has a battery backup that lasts for 24 hours if the power goes out. If you have a Ring Protect subscription, the base station contacts the monitoring center using AT&T's cellular network in case you lose your internet connection during the same power outage.

Do Ring cameras constantly record? ›

Ring cameras do not constantly record and store footage of your property when you are not there. Instead, the camera system is set to record and store footage when any form of motion is detected. If you want continuously monitoring of your home, you must sign up for the company's premium plan.

What does Ring security cost per month? ›

Ring's security system is affordable, with optional professional monitoring and cellular backup for the low price of $20 per month or $200 per year. Here's everything you need to know about their pricing.

Can Ring employees see your camera? ›

Ring security cameras gave every employee 'full access' to all customer video for years: FTC. At least one employee viewed 'thousands' of video recordings 'belonging to at least 81 unique female users.'

Do Ring cameras get stolen? ›

Ring doorbell cameras are a technological advancement that were designed to protect and document activities in front of your house. This increases their chances of being stolen. Ironically, the gadget designed for security can get stolen.

Can the police tap into your Ring camera? ›

Ring gives the police access to the footage for 30 days, but as long as they download it within that time frame, they can keep it for as long as is allowed under public safety procedures and applicable law.

Can police tap your Ring camera? ›

The takeaway. Google, Ring and other companies that process user video footage have a legal basis for warrantless disclosure without consent during emergency situations, and it's up to them to decide whether or not to do so when the police come calling.

Can police delete Ring footage? ›

Many Ring owners are also curious about whether the police can get access to their deleted ring doorbell videos. Sadly, police is also impossible to do so.


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